Dragon Age Inquisition Cullen X Inquisi SMUT. NSFW. Yeah.

Raw. Unedited. Hate the ending.  


  Blood covered her gauntlets; dry, thick and rough beneath her fingers. It flaked at her touch, littering the wooden floor of the throne room they insisted she have. Her mouth curled to a snarl as she looked upon the gaudy wood and metal chair she avoided almost as much as Viv avoided her. A high pitched ‘Hn!’ passed her lips everyday as Saga walked by. It took much of her resolve to not slice off those fake horns she insisted on wearing.

    She dropped her gauntlet to her feet and hoisted herself onto the war table, legs splayed as she undid the other, heaving a weary sigh. The day was long. Endless. She lost count of her kills today - and she always kept count. The other gauntlet rattled on the stone floor as she tossed it aside. Another noise piqued her interest. Footsteps. A voice - no two. The words were muffled, unintelligible. Shrugging she touched the blade of her right hand dagger. Blunt.

    ‘Ebony, you worked hard today,’ she muttered to the dark steel, speckled in lifeless blood. She pulled out Claw, shaking her head. Dull. Lifeless. Defeated. She made to hoist her body off the table, but the door swung open, banging against the stone wall.


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…there’s more stuff you can do in Skyhold than on Commander Shepard’s ship. … part of playing Inquisitor means decorating Skyhold manually: everything from the windows, throne, banner, and heraldry to the drapes can be swapped in a menu.